Beaches are a golden opportunity for advertisers. Throughout the summer, millions of people flock to local (or not-so local) beaches, with the intent of being there the entire day. On an average weekend, markets like the Long Island, NY beaches will see 2-3 million visitors, which jumps to 4-5 million during a typical holiday weekend. These numbers are similar to what we see for New Jersey and Southern California beaches as well. These crowds present excellent exposure opportunities for advertisers utilizing aerial banners.

In reality, the very same factors that result in packed beaches are the ones that make for perfect aerial advertising. Long, warm summer days with clear blue skies and thousands upon thousands of people enjoying their day and drinking in all the local scenery has to offer… What better way is there to reach them than with a unique and memorable aerial advertising campaign?

In addition to all of the regular summer beach markets, AirSign also offers coverage in all of the prime Spring Break markets. Each year, during the month of March, hundreds of thousands of college students flock to the beaches for weeks of fun and parties on the beach. Aerial advertising consistently proves to be the most effective method of targeting the 18 – 25 age group during Spring Break, when schools all over North America rotate out the dates of the mini-vacation, giving advertisers a weekly influx of new students with money to spend.


Sporting Events


While beaches are the dominant seasonal destination for crowds across the nation during the summer, fall belongs to football, baseball and soccer stadiums, as well as horse and auto racing tracks. Fans regularly show up to events 1-2 hours in advance for tailgating and other activities, creating the perfect opportunity for a skywriting or airplane banner to draw their attention to the sky – and to your message.

The average crowd at a sporting event consists of around 90,000 spectators. The opportunity to reach that entire group of people at one time is massive, and that is exactly what you can accomplish when you utilize aerial advertising. Your aerial message can fly over hundreds of stadiums in places like: the University of Florida, Dallas Cowboys/AT&T Stadium, Boston, LSU, Denver, New York/New Jersey, and many more.

Auto Racing Events

NASCAR is a world-class outdoor advertising opportunity for advertisers. It is the only national series of events that consistently draws regional crowds exceeding 200,000 fans per event. Many people don’t realize this, but each NASCAR race is typically an event lasting 3-4 days with various racing series and packed crowds.

NASCAR, and all the other car racing events, are perfect venues for advertisers looking to target a large group of people in a concentrated area, and there is no better way to do that than with Aerial advertising!

Rush Hour Traffic


Bad news for motorists is great news for advertisers!

Airplane Banners are no longer just about targeting the beaches in summer. Aerial advertising has become a powerful, year-round marketing tool! The news is filled with reports of terrible gridlock on America’s streets and highways and how it is only getting worse. Motorists are being forced to drive more slowly during commutes that are covering ever-increasing distances. These “slow and go” driving conditions are giving motorists more time to look at signs. Traffic congestion is creating a billboard advertiser’s paradise! However, billboards in prime locations are few in number and hugely expensive. Now, with the ability to position an airplane banner or skywriting message directly overhead during peak traffic, above all the competition and clutter, advertisers have found a goldmine of opportunity in major cities across the United States.