How Do They Compare?

We all know that blimps are as good as it gets for massive brand awareness and creating huge exposure for your media. However with the high pricing and limitations of standard helium blimps, it becomes challenging to fit them into many companies’ advertising programs.

Now, for the first time, with the Eco Blimp you get the great benefits that come with a blimp campaign, while not having to deal with the high pricing and limitations. Although from the ground they look similar to a standard helium blimp, there are some strategic advantages that the Eco Blimp offers which set them apart from their helium counterparts.


Adaptable To All Climates

Whether someone is looking to advertise over the Florida beaches or the Winter Olympics, an Eco Blimp is versatile in most climates. In contrast, helium blimps are restricted to warmer climates because helium gas constricts in cold temperatures.

Bottom line, if you want a campaign you can rely on to increase awareness of your brand or product, in northern states as well as southern, an Eco Blimp is proven to be the best.

Accommodate Short Campaigns

One of the challenges with helium blimps is that the client is required to commit to a minimum 3-6 month campaign. With an Eco Blimp, clients no longer have to commit to a long-term campaign. If they are interested in just one flight, one event or a multi-market national campaign, AirSign can accommodate a client’s campaign needs.

Eco Friendly

AirSign’s Eco Blimp utilizes a thermal heat system and maintain altitude similar to that of a hot air balloon. Utilizing no helium whatsoever, these airships have been endorsed by groups such as Greenpeace for being environmentally friendly. In contrast to an Eco Blimp, the current blimps that you normally see in the U.S. are inflated with helium, a resource that for the past decade has been experiencing a serious shortage. In fact, AirSign’s Eco Blimp uses less fuel than a smart car!


No Wasted Time Between Markets

By design, traditional helium blimps need to stay inflated at all times, and they also move very slowly. Clients looking to cover multiple events, targets or cities will spend a great deal of transit time flying over areas outside of their intended markets.

On the other hand, an Eco Blimp is inflated and launched close to each client’s target. After the flight is completed, the hot air blimp is then deflated and packed into a trailer and relocated to the next target, making much more effective use of the time for which they are hired.