AirSign’s Eco Blimp is fueled by heated air, similar to hot air balloons, though shaped like an airship. But unlike hot air balloons that can only move up and down, relying on wind currents to push them forward, a blimp can be go up, down, forward or backward. Basically, it’s a controllable envelope filled with hot air that floats!

How Our Eco Blimp Works

An Eco Blimp is equipped with a small engine, fiber propellers, gas bottles and a gondola that can accommodate 2-4 passengers. The motor generates steam, which provides the lifting force for the blimp while the propellers make it possible to steer in the air.

How They Can Benefit You

Though blimps have been used in many ways throughout the years (eg, air patrol, rescue, as a unique form of transportation, sporting events, wildlife observation, as a camera platform for pros) the most popular use today is as a powerful advertising medium.

Why it’s a Powerful Platform

An Eco Blimp is versatile. It can be fashioned to meet local, regional or even national marketing schemes and still seize everyone’s attention. A blimp with a message is sure to be seen even from miles away by a wide demographic.

An Eco Blimp will boost your sales by increasing product awareness.
Product recognition makes it easier for customers to make a choice.
If your target market recognizes you, or if your brand rings a louder bell than the other brands, you already gain an edge.

Less Cost for Greater Impact

Price always gets in the way of advertising but with a good aerial advertising plan the cost is scaled down to a miniscule amount ($0.000225 cost per impression) if you consider the impact and volume of the markets you’re able to touch.

The cost per impression is way below the average cost of conventional media and the ROI is greater. Think about it: Which would you remember longer? The message on the last roadside billboard amid all the distractions you raced past or the message on the side of a huge blimp floating alone overhead?


The Eco Blimp delivers all the right ingredients

Contacts a wide audience (hundreds to hundreds of thousands!), delivers your message, huge publicity stunt, and finishes off with high retention from your target market.


An Eco Blimp is like a jolly, giant mascot. They are always welcome to crowds of people because they are considered attractions and not distractions. Unlike those commercials on TV, people will look up to see what’s stirring up in the sky and will stay with you until they have taken in your message.

These days, people are tired of having their privacy invaded with countless flyers, newsletters, brochures, and email spam. Most of the time these ads end up in the trash, either physically or virtually. But that’s not the case with aerial advertising because people see these giant messages as entertainment in the sky, which is unique and  refreshing.


AirSign can be your ultimate aerial advertising solution, we’ll take care of your brand every step of the campaign from conceptualization and planning to production and execution. Leave it to us to take care of the details for your aerial advertising and watch us hit your targeted markets.

So are you ready to conquer the sky with your brand? Want to spread the word during state fairs, concerts, entertainment events and other public events?

Create awareness, boost your brand and finally realize a big return from your investment! Call or email us today!

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