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Huge Branding

Having your brand recognized from miles away means you’ve achieved success but the big question is how do you get there?  Business owners understand the value of advertising and its relation to revenue. The more people know your brand, the higher chance they’ll come to you for your products or services.

Today, businesses are fighting to get recognized. They fill the airwaves with catchy jingles, pay big bucks to hire an actor do a commercial on TV, pay for a full page ad on the highest selling newsprint, or put up paid ads on the internet. But how much attention will you get out of this when you’re competing with others “on air”, on print and online?

This is where aerial advertising beats them all. It’s quick, memorable, unique, instantly stirs reaction and cost-effective. Your brand will be seen and remembered by a wide demographic, will be touching untouched markets, and will create a big buzz, which could go on for months.

Engaging for Customers

You get noticed and you get a reaction, that’s how you get your customers attention. Eliciting some “ooohs” and “aaahhhs” from your spectators while watching your aerial message unfold definitely spells success because it means that they’re all paying attention.

People are always fascinated by flying objects so use it! Don’t forget to add a “surprise effect” to make it more memorable. Before you know it, they’ll be pulling out their phones and camcording the sky with your message on it. You get no interruption, no distraction, you have exclusive control of the air and your audience. No other advertising medium can give you that.

An aircraft parading your brand automatically creates awareness and stimulates high recall. Your spectators are entertained, which is part of the fun watching the ad. Individuals who recorded it and took pictures are now your allies. They will be spreading the work for you, now that is positive engagement with high results.



Let’s take a quick look at Cost Per Impression for different ads

  • Radio ad – $700
  • Newspaper ad – $1,500
  • TV Commercials – $2,500
  • Aerial Advertising – $0.000225 – No other advertising method can compare.

Your audience of thousands could easily spread the word for you. Aerial advertising creates a multiplier effect that spreads easily through referrals. Even if your aerial sign or message lasts for a short time, you will get more mileage from it.

Studies have shown that 88% of people retain the information written in the sky long after it has been read. Now that is penetrating the market with results that last.

So what are you waiting for?
Make an impact on crowds of people quickly.

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